Field Calls

Dedicated to getting results

With South East Legal Services (SELS) Pty Ltd Field Calls can be more than simply delivering a letter in the hope that a customer or debtor may contact you or resolve their account. SELS highly trained staff take the time to understand your goals for our attendance. Whether that be a simple occupancy check to ascertain who is residing in a property, a friendly visit to try and re-engage a customer or to try and resolve an outstanding account we will attempt to obtain as much information as possible to help you get your desired result.

SELS prides ourselves on handling particularly difficult cases that other agencies may not have achieved a result on. We understand that every case is different and every person we deal with is unique. With your guidance and our experience SELS tackles each job with the goal of getting the best result. SELS is flexible to our clients needs.

  • Professional Agents
  • Fully Insured
  • Agents receive regular training in field call best practices and compliance
  • First action within 48 hours in most scenarios
  • Fast reporting
  • Detailed reporting, including photos and details of major assets of applicable

South East Legal Services thrives off challenging jobs